‘FinTech’, ‘RegTech’ and now ‘ManCo Tech’

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3 min readJul 7, 2020


Of late, there have been two catchphrases that are a constant feature in the financial services realm — Fintech & RegTech. More often than not, these terms are used interchangeably by the industry.

An increasing regulatory burden, potential cost of failure and audit anxiety can make managing compliance both challenging and time-consuming. In addition, the rapid evolution of technology poses new challenges for the Authorities responsible for governing the finance sector.

Now, a new concept has emerged: ManCoTech.

Firstly, let’s break down what these terms actually mean.

‘FinTech’ (Financial Technology), refers to the intersection between finance and technology and how this technical innovation is heavily disrupting the operations of the financial services industry.

‘RegTech’ (Regulatory Technology), is a branch stemming from the term ‘FinTech’, that facilitates the delivery of regulatory requirements more efficiently than existing manual/standard office tools.

‘ManCoTech’ is the latest term that has crept its way into the fintech ecosystem which is a system that focuses on the needs of Management Companies (ManCos).

Bulletproof Your Compliance

Now is the perfect time to digitally transform your ManCo with GECKO and place a renewed focus on how you manage your regulatory compliance.

Our attention is anchored on the technological needs of firms operating within the finance sector, including ManCos. Given the nature of this pandemic driven crisis, uncertainty is extending to every aspect of business with many struggling to manage this evolving regulatory landscape in-house, particularly with core teams working remotely.

The GECKO System is a core enabler of day-to-day operations, building the bridge between firms and regulators enabling firms to ingest massive amounts of data and documents sourced internally and externally from a variety of business partners, such as distributors, fund administrators, transfer agents and other outsourcing partners or delegates. These are all linked together through APIs aiding the exchange of data.

One of the greatest fears highlighted amongst our clients and one GECKO can eliminate is the cost of failure. Increasing “audit anxiety” is placed on senior management when demonstrating and proving compliance and with remote working becoming the new norm, firms have had to adjust and find innovative solutions to avoid this hurdle. The amount of information that is requested from firms, even for just one fund, is immense. The GECKO system offers many features to manage, oversight and adhere to regulatory requirements. The functionality includes:

  • a document repository to house all of your information from one place which shaves time off searching for documents and requested information.
  • Overseeing all activities from one centralised dashboard can keep up with the standard of organisational effectiveness expected by regulators.
  • With our suite of customisable, interactive reporting tools, staff have a holistic view of all operational and regulatory risks in real-time.

To give you a better understanding here is an example — With three clicks of a button (GECKOs 3 Click Concept), users can drill down into the underlying detail of tasks with indications on the next best course of action. If a task is approaching it’s deadline date for completion and hasn’t been actioned upon, users who have been assigned to this task through our system will get a reminder to action it before it flags on the system as ‘incomplete’ and ‘overdue’. Duplications and manual errors are therefore minimised, allowing management to focus on core tasks as opposed to wasting time making amendments and resolving issues that could have been avoided with the use of technology. With a proper secured tracking system and verifiable audit trail to prove out each step of compliance we can assure end-to-end, bulletproof compliance.

If you think compliance is expensive, consider the fines for non-compliance. In such a complex and costly regulatory environment, GECKO is changing the working lives of the companies who use it, delivering endless benefits. By not investing in software to relieve part, if not all of the regulatory pressure, it could potentially cost your business in the long-term.

Get a head start in this corporate governance technological era by integrating GECKO — hello@geckogovernance.io.



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