GECKO & TopRiver Partners delighted to launch our SFDR Governance & Reporting Product

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2 min readMar 29, 2022

TopRiver Partners and GECKO Governance are delighted to jointly announce the release today of our SFDR Governance & Reporting Product which codifies reporting requirements and provides a full, transparent audit trail and documentary evidence, which will allow our clients to seamlessly manage SFDR requirements in one central location, and ultimately, will prevent greenwashing.

The SFDR Governance & Reporting Product is the only product currently available in the market that supports Article 8 and Article 9 ESG funds in meeting their SFDR and Taxonomy reporting requirements. The product clearly provides an evidentiary bedrock of how the fund has integrated SFDR into an ESG effective risk governance framework.

In the updated Joint ESA Supervisory Statement of the 25th March 2022, on the application of SFDR, the ESAs “recommend national competent authorities to encourage financial market participants and financial advisers to use the interim period until 1 January 2023 to prepare for the application of the RTS”.

By codifying SFDR and Taxonomy reporting requirements, the product provides an efficient, transparent and fully auditable solution that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure through the use of APIs. The pathway to ESG compliance can be mapped out in the software, and interaction and engagement with third parties centrally managed

Boards of ESG funds will be able to point to our SFDR Governance & Reporting product as a key differentiator and lynchpin of their ESG activities while promoting transparency and preventing the proliferation of greenwashing.

Our SFDR Governance & Reporting Product is built upon the tried and tested GECKO Governance platform which is able to deliver significant efficiency gains for organisations while simplifying ESG Reporting requirements.

Some of the key features offered by our product are;

  • Codifies ESG reporting requirements under SFDR & the EU taxonomy;
  • SFDR & Taxonomy Article 8 & Article 9 product lifecycle governance & reporting
  • Provides Central Bank reporting in approved formats;
  • First to market SFDR & Taxonomy dynamic and bespoke Due Diligence Questionnaires;
  • Escalation Reports supporting executive decision making & independent oversight;
  • Cloud-based Central Repository;
  • Audit Trail — Auditing ESG information is at the core of the product;
  • Embeds a culture of ESG in an organisation
  • Incorporates 3 LODs approach, promotes increased Transparency, good Culture and prevents Greenwashing
  • If required, TopRiver Partners can provide expert opinion, or ESG related consultancy services.

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